About Us

ACG Interior & Exhibition Pte Ltd was founded by like-minded partners who wanted to provide the best solutions to all our clients, to satisfy all the unique needs as a One-Stop Solution.

Liang & Liang Interior Pte Ltd was our roots for the establishment of ACG Interior & Exhibition Pte Ltd which has been founded by Mr Albert Liang in 1987. Liang & Liang Interior Pte Ltd has done renovations for residential & a large number of retail businesses which are renown names in their own specific industry.

In ACG, we specialize in Interior Design, Event Planning & Exhibition. Our Design Team provides our clients with unique designs for Residential, Retail, F&B, Events, Roadshows & Exhibitions, we have even created customized showcases unique to the Events of our Clients.

With our very own in-house carpentry workshop, We are able to provide a competitive edge over many others in terms of time and costs management which translates into faster turn-around time for our Clients. All these would not be possible without the hands of our in-house carpenters and workers putting together all the plans into real structures and end-products.  All done with close supervision of the Designers themselves day to day as the works develop.

Our experienced workers on board our team also ensures all our clients are satisfied with quality finishes for our customized installation works.

Besides Interior Design & Build, We also do organize & set up for various Brands and Organisations for their Events, Roadshows, Product Launches, Company D&D’s, Seminars and Store Maintenance works.  Upon request, We are also able to provide Part-Time Promoters for Roadshows & Product Launches.

Thus, if the above excites your nerves and cells, do not hesitate to contact any of our friendly staffs & colleagues to assist you in any of your requirements from Interior designing to solving any maintenance or renovation issues that you may face currently!

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